Refocusing the Modus Vivendi and Modus Operandi of Local Government System in Nigeria: The Antigen and Antibody.

1Adetunji Adeniyi&2Umar Elems Mahmud

1Tunji Adeniyi and Associates, Lagos, Nigeria

2Department of Public Administration,

Nasarawa State University,Keffi Nigeria

Corresponding Author’s E-mail:


Local government system and councils in Nigeria are bedeviled by a myriad of some seemingly intractable challenges. Notwithstanding the hues and cries of council managers and academics, the situation has maintained the ‘southward trajectory’. This study reexamined the root cause of the challenges, using a purposively drawn sample of selected rural-based local government councils, in the descriptive survey. Salient among the critical findings was the culpability of the 1999 Constitution, as amended, which totally mortgaged and assigned the existence, livelihood and survival of local government councils to state governments. The study, therefore, concluded that for a meaningful improvement, the fundamental constitutional lacunae must be filled. Accordingly, the study recommended that the Nigerian legislature, the National Assembly, should consider a radical amendment of section 7(1) and (6aandb), which ceded the survival and strength of the local governments to the whims and caprices of the state governments and the political apparatchiks.

Citation of article: Adetunji, A., et al (2022).Refocusing the Modus Vivendi and Modus Operandi of Local Government System in Nigeria: The Antigen and Antibody. African Journal of Politics and Administrative Studies (AJPAS), 15(1):193-213.


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